Decent Work — one step to a Decent Life

About us

Decent Work International (DWI) offers you a broad spectrum of services which all directly or indirectly are targeted on promoting Decent Work for all.

The Decent Work agenda has over resent years especially during the economical crisis become a political, social and economical strategy for governments and institutions as well as national and international organizations. Also individual employers are working on Decent Work through cooperate social responsibility initiatives.

Our team covers expertise in all aspects of working life. We are ready to assist you and your organization in optimizing your efforts to achieve your goals.

With the opening of a branch in Moscow we have strengthened our work in the Eastern European, Caucasian and Central Asian regions.

All the experts linked to our Moscow branch have long experience working in the NIS countries and most of them are Russian speaking. The deep insight into legal, economical, political and social affairs gives a unique opportunity for assisting national and international organizations in promoting Decent Work in the region. It is well known that it is complicated and, due to high travel and stay costs, very expensive to conduct missions to this part of the world. Our presence here is minimizing our costs and by that also your costs, when using our services.


DWI is in a strategic partnership with FIC, Denmark on developing and implementing education and structural development projects in the NIS countries.

DWI is working closely with WageIndicator, Netherlands on promoting the WageIndicator concept.