Decent Work — one step to a Decent Life


Decent Work requires collective solutions, but it is a reality that due to a number of reasons there are problems which can not wait for these solutions to be found and implemented.

In Russia as well as in the neighboring countries there are many people living in deep poverty. Rural areas are confronted with high unemployment, alcoholism, drug abuse and violence; this again leads to high crime rates and children left with a traumatic childhood. The conditions in many prisons and camps are not stimulating re-socialization and there are not many chances for a decent life when leaving imprisonment.

Too many children are growing up in orphans homes; these homes are to a big extend depending on charity to improve the living conditions for the kids. We do our best to find sponsors and link them with direct contact to the individual orphans home to secure a targeted assistance, which meets the concrete needs of the individual institution. We appeal to both donors and institutions to contact us with concrete proposals.

In Central Asia there are many women especially in rural areas left back in a situation as “migrant-widows”. Their men have left for work abroad and for months, sometimes even years if not forever they are left as heads of households. In many rural areas it is extremely difficult for a woman to be accepted as de facto head of household. They are forced to take very low paid jobs to survey and the children often have to help to generate income. As a result the children do not attend school. DWI is aiming at empowering these women and securing that the children can go to school so that the condition for a decent life can be developed.