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Conference service

Arranging a seminar, conference, round-table or similar can often be a heavy headache for an organization, where the core staff already are full up to do. It is therefore often prepared with “left hand” and the result is not fully satisfactory neither for the organizers nor for the participants, and even the organizers feel that they have put too much efforts into the preparation of the event. Often an organization starts out with high ambitions and enthusiasm but then gets lost in solving all the practicalities, and in the end it turns out that an event is conducted only to be able to report that it has been conducted. This creates negative impression and is a waste of time and money.

DWI offers to take the burden out of your shoulders. There are other companies offering conference services, but they are traditionally targeted on the high end of the cost scale. We concentrate on the middle and low end, as we know that these problems are the most serious for organizations in this segment. If you are an NGO, trade union, employer’s organizations or governmental institution we can offer to organize an event you exactly want. You choose yourself if you want us to prepare the full package (development of program, invitation of guests and speakers, logistics, accommodation, interpretation, preparation of conference documents, full on-the-spot services during conference, accounting and conference report) or only selected parts of this. We develop an individual solution exactly meeting your needs.

If you plan to conduct a training seminar we can offer you the same service as for a conference, you may also choose what parts of the package you would like to make use of.

We have contacts with some of the best trainers available in the region and will be pleased to secure their participation, if this should be of your interest.

If you are in the search for a donor for an event we can also offer you consultations and assistance in the process of fundraising.