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Project management

DWI experts do have long experience in working in the NIS countries and we know what problems organizations including NGO’s are confronted with especially in the field of project management. In our team we have some of the most experienced project managers in the region and we are ready to offer package solutions to overcome the problems you are confronted with. You yourself decide the size of the packages – what you would handle yourself and where we could assist you.

We are ready to assist you during the whole process from project development to final reporting and accounting.

Our experience over many years has shown us that many NGO’s which are granted projects are forced to use so many resources on the project management that they lose focus on their core objectives. They are using more efforts on administrative issues than on the content of the project, this is very unfortunate and hamper the impact of the given project and can be even directly harming to the implementing organization.

We can help you to focus on your core tasks and by that strengthen the chances of a successful project implementation. Today donors want to see concrete results of their “investment” - our work is exactly targeted on that. Our experts have long experience in securing high profile results even from small projects to the great satisfaction of donors and, what is more important, the results help to minimize the decent work deficit among the end beneficiaries.

If you already have a project creating headache for you or you just have an idea for a possible future project, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss a tailor made solution exactly fitting your organization’s structure and resources.


DWI is also able to conduct independent mid-term or final evaluation of projects. We understand the difficulties of implementing projects in this region and we of course take this in to account when evaluating a project. We understand in full the economical and political reality in which projects are being implemented, this makes it possible for us to be critical but fair to all in an evaluation.

Our long experience in project implementation in the region makes it possible for us to give very precise recommendations for adjustments in a mid-term evaluation.

In a final evaluation we are objective, fair and critical. We will normally base our evaluations on the concrete impact on the daily life of the beneficiaries. The fact that we work in the local languages makes it possible for us to get the real un-filtered picture of the impact of a project.

If you want the truth about the impact of a project you can trust our judgment to be objective.